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this one's for Noorie.

it would be so lovely, to say i have not written because my hosting company had a snafu, and so the site was down for over a week.
(it would not be true, not really.)

why aren't you hearing more from me?  partly because i am doing that thing again: too much going on, too much that's interesting, too much that i wind myself up on (in a good way, mind), too much in the day, too much in the early evening, and then suddenly it is time for bed.

the weekends have become complete disconnects: i know my mother worries, when she asks what i did and who i saw, and i tell her not much and no one.  how can i tell her about the walk up the Aventine Hill, the carabinieri in their camouflage, braced under February sunlight in the Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, where a keyhole unlocks and unfolds a city across six hundred years.  how can i tell her about baked salmon wrapped in slices of lemon and sprigs of rosemary and the way the whole house smells after.  how can i tell her about Woolf and Da Vinci and finding wonder-in-others.  how can i tell her about Saturdays that wrap themselves around Andrew; before and after and in-between, the day and the house and the sun and the night all seem like they are spinning to my rhythm.


Let my words become like a skilled
Potter's hands,

Smoothing your life
With their knowledge,

Reaching into your tender core
and spreading you out
Like the morning

That leaps from the sun's amused wink
Onto hills, brows and the backs of so many
Beautiful laboring beasts.

God's duty is to make perfect
All your movements of mind, of limb,
And your ascending shape of laughter.

Watch the way my hands dance
With their diamond-edged brilliance

Cutting you open with music,
Reaching into your heart

And spilling the night sky-jar you carry
That is always full of giggling planets and stars.

My words are a divine potter's wheel.
If you stay near to me,
Stay near to me --

And Hafiz will spin you into

--- Your Shape of Laughter, by Hafiz.


happy birthday Noorie.  i love that you come here.

[nightingaleshiraz] [?]
[Via Marco Aurelio, Roma]
[venerd́ 26 febbraio 2010 ore 20:35:38] []