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Communication(s)* | Writing & Editing

With a degree in Computer Science and Journalism, and over fifteen years (at last count) of working as a technologist and project manager; as a trainer, technical writer and information architect; as teacher and communicator; and as a writer and editor — the career path may look a little "schizophrenic."

But there are some undercurrents.

Communication is important to me; user-awareness is important to me (or audience-awareness, or reader-awareness) — whether youíre talking about the Web, or comm-and-media, or even—and especially—plain old writing and editing.

In a nutshell, you could say that collecting and crafting and presenting information in ways that make it compelling and powerful and useful — thatís important to me.

* And by "communication" I mean: internal and external, mass and miniscule, in old and new media, and intended or not.