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if you're a current or potential employer, or some such professional (and non-spam-like) connection, or if you are already aware of my feelings on what i don't want in my inbox, you don't need to read this -- you can go straight to my email address at the bottom of this page.
please note, however, that if you *think* you are aware of said feelings, and i have directed you to this page anyway; well shucks -- maybe you should just have a quick look!

one.  did you actually *read* what you've written?
do it.  whether it's automatic spelling and grammar checks, or better yet, your own brain.  because if *you* don't have the time or inclination to make sure what you write is written with a minimum of correctness and clarity, why should *i* take the time to read it?
i am not talking about capitalization.  i am not talking about whether or not you're using your semicolons correctly.  i am not talking about dangling prepositions.  but i *am* talking about emails that look like ransom notes.
have a little respect for the person or persons who have to read your communications.  more importantly, have a little respect for the person who writes them.

two.  is it a forward?
think.  if the forward is really that good, if you really think it's worth the time it demands of all those people you send it to, then maybe you should take the time to think about who you're sending it to as well?
when you send an off-color joke to a grandma, or a lengthy plea to "get out and vote" to non-citizens (and you know them well enough to know they're non-citizens, because if you didn't you shouldn't be sending them unsolicited forwards anyway) -- it is, again, a little insulting to that particular recipient.

three.  is it a forward?
think.  not everyone may have the same space capacity as you do when it comes to emails.  and even if they do, they may not want 700 meg monsters slowing down their inboxes.
that unzipped file you sent, or that seventeen-page-article you could have just sent the link to -- it may have stopped me from getting other, more important emails in my Lycos account (because maybe you've used up all my allowed space), it may have cost me more on my monthly Internet bill (because maybe i pay by bandwidth used), or it may have cost me my job (because maybe my employer screens personal emails coming into company email accounts).

four.  is it a dire warning, or a way to get Gates' fortune?
check it.  it will take you all of 5 seconds worth of research.  it's not rocket science people.  i've gotten all my Pakistani aunties to do it.
urbanlegends.   there's the link.  click on it.  use the searchbox.  see if the urgent warning and/or petition to save the world (or some five-year-old with Turets) that you are about to send out to forty-five of your nearest and dearest is actually going to waste everybody's time, attention and bandwidth.
they may not be tangible energy resources like paper and fuel, but they're still resources.

five.  is it a forward?
so um, whenever you possibly can, send me the link?  i know this one may not be a preference for everybody.  but it is for me.
if you see an article you'd like me to read, i would *much* prefer if you sent me the link to the article - ONE because it will take up way less disk or account space; TWO because if the article changes or is updated, i am not left out in the cold; and THREE because it would be nice for whoever wrote that article to actually have people going to it, so they'd know just how many people were reading it.

six.  is it a stupid e-card?
please note the moderator "stupid".  meaning, if you're considering an e-card as an excuse, or "wrapper" to make contact with me, i'd much prefer that you just make contact with me.
go on, just send me an email.  use some of that time you would otherwise use for browsing the Hallmark site to tell me a little bit more about you (or to check your spelling).  i promise i won't think you boring for it.  really.
otherwise, if you find an e-card that is truly amazing in and of itself, and/or will have me laughing out loud (such as those Birthday Singers Aditi sent me this year), then send away.
and if you don't know me well enough to know what might have me laughing out loud, well then why are you wanting to send me an e-card in the first place?

seven.  is it a birthday calendar request?
please don't bother.  you don't have the time or decency to ask me what my birthday is personally, let alone remember it (or make a pretence of remembering it by putting it in your calendar *yourself*).
instead, YOU want ME to set up an automatic reminder for YOU to remember MY birthday.  *and* you've asked me via an automatically-generated email (alongwith heaven-knows-how-many-other-people-you've-just-pulled-blindly-from-your-addressbook).
sorry, but i'd rather not feel that special.

so.  now that we're all clear, i would *love* to hear from you.
please, email me at s|h|i|r|a|
without my spam-bars, of course.